Saturday September 8th, 2007
Ferrets have a repertoire of behaviors that can make them both endearing and difficult pets for some people. Ferrets enjoy picking up objects and carrying them off to "hidey holes". It is difficult to predict what objects a ferret will decide are worthy of hoarding, but in addition to play toys owners have found socks, 10 lb bags of onions, keys, calculators, silverware, sponges, toilet paper rolls, textbooks, game controllers, etc... Ferrets will also tear open packages and other containers to see what is inside or explore the inside of the package.

Ferrets have a strong interest in holes, pipes and other small enclosed areas. Ferrets seem compelled to explore holes. This makes them useful for rabbiting and tasks such as running pull lines through conduits but it also makes them prone to getting lost. Ferrets are also very curious animals and relatively fearless. This often puts them in situations in which they will confront and try to play with large animals that are dangerous to the ferret. Ferrets' curiosity can also lead them to wander off until they are unable to find their way home. Though ferrets sleep more than almost all domesticated animals, they are usually very active when awake. Their energy level during play is almost frenetic and can be too much for many other pets, particularly older animals which may feel harassed by the ferret's tenacious attention.

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